Faith navy satin striped bow sandals

mid heel sandals

These shoes are a really good example of the phenomenon of “adjustment of the eye”. At first glance, you see, I assumed they had a mid-height heel, and got all excited thinking I’d finally managed to find a pair of lower heels that weren’t frumpy…Then I checked the product description and discovered they’re actually 4″. Which isn’t really all that low at all, is it? It just goes to show how quickly you get used to certain looks: a few years ago, these would’ve seemed reasonably high to me, but in today’s era of 6″ heels and huge platforms, however, I find myself wishing they were just a little bit higher. How times change!

That’s not to say I don’t like them the way they are, however: in fact, I like these a lot, and have been really impressed by most of Faith’s recent releases: it feels like the brand is finally starting to return to its former glory!

stripe sandals

These are £55, and are also available in peach: click here to buy them.


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