Shoe Review: Betty London ‘Ridola’ gold ballet flats

Betty London ballet flats

Yes, it’s another post about Betty London: and another post about gold ballet flats, too. I’d apologise, but I think you all know by now that I’m a creature of habit, and gold flats are one of mine.

Actually, ‘habit’ is probably the wrong word here: it kind of implies that I keep buying shoes like this purely because it’s what I’ve always done, without any kind of thought process whatsoever. Actually, though, the opposite is true: my dedication to the gold flat is the result of many years of trial and error, during which I came to realise that this is a style that really is indispensable to me – and which I can’t really have too many pairs of.

I’m not quite sure how many pairs of gold flats are currently lurking in my closet, but I DO know that, whatever that number is, it’s never really enough, which is why I chose to spend this month’s Spartoo voucher on this pair of gold, Betty London flats.

These are a classic pair of ballet flats, with a rounded toe and a small bow at the vamp. The gold leather upper is actually a little more sparkly than it looks in my photo, which makes it a great choice for the Christmas party season – although I, of course, will be wearing these all year round: I’m wearing them as U write this, in fact, because they’ve rarely left my feet since they arrived last week!

Size-wise, I ordered my usual size, which is just a little bit more snug than I would ideally like. A half-size up would have been perfect, but as that wasn’t available, I kept them anyway, and have found that regular wear has helped stretch out the leather just enough to create the right fit – and save the day!

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