Casadei 160mm wood and leather wedges

Casadei 160mm wedges

Casadei 160mm wood and leather wedges, £680

Over the last few years, wedges have been getting progressively crazier. It seems like many designers just aren’t happy until they’ve created something that’s more “sculpture” than it is “shoe”, and the result of that is some absolutely amazing wedges… which look absolutely unwearable, and much more suited to a spot on the mantlepiece than a place on the shoe shelves.

Not these ones, though. These are by Casadei, and yes, they’re kinda crazy. Well, they have a 160mm heel, anyway, and that’s considerably higher than many of us would wear on a daily basis, so these were always destined to stand out, for that reason alone. Although they have that “look at me”, sculptural look about them, (and definitely wouldn’t look out of place on a display stand), I don’t think they look unwearable, though. So many sculptural wedges are just SO out there they’d be totally out of place in most people’s wardrobes, and pretty difficult to wear: and I’m not talking about the height here, but the look of them.

These Casadei wedges, however: well, they’re a pair of wooden-soled, leather t-bar sandals. A tan upper, a matching sole: they’re exactly the kind of shoe that I, for one, consider a summer staple: they’re just that little bit (or, OK, that BIG bit…) higher than most. They’re also absolutely beautiful: I’ve had them bookmarked for a few weeks now, and have never gotten tired of looking at them, which is always a good sign. I can’t promise they’ll be easy to walk in (although they’ll provide plenty of arch support, and have a wide sole, so if you’re used to heels, I don’t think you’d have too many problems with them), but I can practically guarantee they’ll get a whole lot of attention – even if it IS just people wondering how on earth you’re staying upright in them.


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