Kate Spade ‘Latrice’ yellow pointed court shoes

Yellow court shoes with pointed toe and purple bow

As much as I’ve been loving yellow this season, this particular shade is one I just can’t learn to love, possibly because I had a t-shirt in roughly this shade as a child, and I think it must have scarred me for life.

Mad props to Kate Spade then, for making this colour actually seem semi-palatable to me on these ‘Latrice’ pumps. Sure, the yellow, purple and pink combination is pretty unexpected, but it has that “made you look!” quality about it that I kinda like in a shoe, and it’s actually less jarring than I would have expected.

Now to the elephant in the room: the pointed toes. We’ve talked a lot about these over the past few months, as they’ve started to make their way back into fashion. I’m definitely feeling better disposed towards them than I was this time last year, purely because of the constant exposure, which makes them feel less dated, but I still have a ways to go before I’d be willing to slip into something quite this pointy. What do you think?

These are $298: click here to buy them at Kate Spade.



  • I would’ve liked them a lot, even with the pointed toe, but I actually have problems with the heel. The proportions (heightwise) seem off to me, and I would’ve preferred either the same purple as the bow or a completely other colour family for the heel.

  • Love the colours! The shape’s pretty good too. I remember about a decade ago when there were these pointed shoes that reminded me either of medieval footwear, jester shoes or witch shoes. These are tastefully pointy.

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