ShoeperWomen of the Week

One of the things I’ve been looking to do with lately is to use it to help showcase the fabulous style of my fellow ShoeperWomen out there.

To that end, I recently started a group board to allow readers to share some of their outfits: here are some of the submissions from this week!

green stripe midi skirt with white top and heels

Retro Chick 

I’m sure many of you will recognise Gemma from RetroChick: she’s one of my favourite bloggers, and, with this outfit, she’s also wearing one of my favourite skirt styles: the good ol’ stripe midi skirt! I actually wore a very similar skirt this week, only in navy, rather than green:

navy stripe midi skirt

Forever Amber

Some of you might recognise this skirt from a recent Five on Friday – well, I DID say I liked it a LOT!

Bernie Dexter god print dress

CiCi Marie

CiCi Marie, meanwhile, should also be a familiar face to ShoeperWoman regulars: she wrote this post on how to find shoes for small feet, and looks adorable in this Bernie Dexter dress: serious hair goals, right there!

maxi skirt and grey top

Rebel Angel

I really related to this post from Sian of Rebel Angel, who talks about feeling a little disenchanted with her usual style, and ready for a change. This is something I’ve been going through too, lately, and I’ve also been tackling the problem with simple, classic styles, like this black maxi skirt and grey top, which looks wonderfully cool and casual.

navy dress with nude strappy sandals

Dress Up Buttercup

Sticking with the theme of simplicity, Dress Up Buttercup shows us just how the minimal look is done in this sleek navy dress and strappy sandals: love it!

[P.S. If you’re a fashion blogger who’d like to be featured here on, all you have to do is follow my group board, which you’ll find here (Please note: you have to be following the board in order for me to invite you to it: I’m not just asking for vanity’s sake!), and then leave a comment on this post, complete with your Pinterest user name. Every week, I select outfits from the board to feature on the blog, so once you’ve received your invitation, don’t be shy: get pinning, and feel free to invite your fashion blogger friends!] [P.P.S. I had to prepare this post well in advance of publication, so if you’ve joined the board recently, and your outfit hasn’t been included, worry not, I just haven’t got to it yet!]


  • Eek, thank you for including my outfit! That feeling of being disenchanted with outfits seems to be hitting a lot of people at the moment unfortunately.
    I’m loving being a part of your Shoeperwomen board, especially being up there with these other gorgeous ladies 😀

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