Miss L-Fire ‘Darcy’ peep toes with brooch detail


One of the many things I find hard to resist on a pair of shoes is a brooch detail of some description.  I also love Miss L-Fire for their quirky-but-wearable designs, so naturally a Miss L-Fire shoe with a brooch on the front was guaranteed to get my attention!

This is their “Darcy” peep toe, and as you can see, as well as the little brooch/ribbon embellishment on the toe, it also has an interesting little basket heel, which I’d like to see in real life to get a better impression of. I was initially drawn to the blue/white mix, which is very fresh looking, but I’m a sucker for a red shoe, too, so now I’m torn between the two.

Both are available at ASOS.com, where they’re £89.


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