Guess buckle detail platform sandals

I first spotted these shoes a couple of weeks ago, and wasn’t totally sure how I felt about them as they’re a little chunkier than I’d normally like. The more I look at them, however, the more I like them, and I’m sure the tan and beige colour combination has something to do with that: it’s the perfect choice for a wood-soled platform, and the shoes have a “resort wear” look about them that appeals to me.

These would be great with something like pale linen, or even denim, and they’re £194 at Far Fetch.


  • I’ve never really been able to get the bravery area of my brain around those curled up style platforms. They sort of make me think of a weeble or a rocking horse with a kick stand. I’ve got a pair of original platform buffalo boots from the 70s that have a teeny amound of ‘front curl’ but nowhere near the level a lot of shoes go to today and they’re fine, but these just make me wonder how many bushes I’d tumble into.

    Plus I think they’d have worked better with brass fittings rather than silver, but that’s just me…

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