Irregular Choice Toodle Loo Mohawk court shoes

Suede uppers with a metallic overlay, a generously sized corsage on the toe, a feather sticking out the side of it, and… actually, I don’t know what you’d call the detailing on the heel. There’s definitely rather a lot going on with Irregular Choice’s Toodle Loo Mowkawk pumps, but I love all of it: well, almost all of it – I could live without the feather and the heel… thing… but the gorgeously curved heel and beautiful uppers make up for those two minor points. These look like old-fashioned court shoes in the true sense of the phrase, and I’d have to agree with Schuh’s description of them as “opulent”.

Like them? If you do, you can click here to buy them for £79.99.


  • I saw these in Schuh about a month ago. instantly wanted them. But not quite as much as I want the Miaow boots in the new grey. I need money. These are very pretty though. I do love IC.

  • At the moment I am trying to blog about a pair of Irregular Choice shoes from Danny Sullivan’s very, very first shoe collection. Looking at these pumps through 2010 eyes and comparing them with some of the more mental IC designs (Making Moves & Gangsta Grill for example) these look remarkably tame. There is an ephemeral almost faerie like quality about the ornamentation which would make them the perfect shoe to wear as a guest to a wedding or to the races. They look almost like hand made shoes.

    • Yes! This is a much more eloquent version of how I feel about them, too! I actually saw them in Schuh a couple of days ago, and while I think I would probably want to rip off the feather, the shape and the fabric still makes me think of an olf fashioned, handmade court shoe.

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