Miss Selfridge ‘Power of Love’ t-bar sandals

Miss Selfridge 'Power of Love' t-bar sandals

Miss Selfridge ‘Power of Love’ t-bar sandals, £70

These shoes are from Miss Selfridge’s limited edition ‘Princess’ collection, and I can certainly see why they thought they’d fit in with that particular theme: the crystal embellishments in particular definitely make these look like shoes fit for a princess, albeit one who shops on the high street..

While the crystals monopolise all the attention at first glance, there’s also a rather nice shoe hiding underneath them, with its pale pink upper, gold t-bar and silver platform. I’m not generally a huge fan of mixed metallics, but I think this shoe gets away with it, probably because of the two-tone effect created by the black heel.

At £70, these are more expensive than many of the other offerings from Miss S, but they’re not “break the bank” expensive either.

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