Colourful kitten heels from Next

I’ve said before that kitten heels aren’t my favourite style of shoe, and I don’t think they ever will be: I’m one of those people who likes her shoes to be either very high, or totally flat, with nothing in between. The style has been going through a resurgence in popularity recently, however, and if you’re a fan of the kitten heel, Next has one of he best selections on the high street right now, with all of the shoes shown above retailing for £25.  I do love the uppers they’ve used on these, particularly the striped ones, and, of course, the red and blue bow-front styles. There are a few other colours available too, so if you want to take a longer look, click here.


  • I disagree, I adore kitten heels! I’m only a little unconvinced by the pointed toe on all of these, I’ve always preferred a round one. Other than that, those floral prints with the red bow would be my own version of Shoe Kryptonite 😀

  • Well, all pointed, then not for me, but between flats and kitten heels, I stay with kitten… I have some pairs, but no doubt my favorite style is high hiiiigh heels!

  • The question of kitten heels is a difficult one. I think they look really cute, but I have to agree with Shoeperwoman here, in that I don’t wear them. I feel like they make me want to fall down! My mind is always questioning… is it a heel, or is it a flat?? I’ll have to stick with nice and high or totally flat.

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