Shoe Kryptonite: Anastasia Bice leopard print shoes with blue bow

OK, I’ve been thinking about this, and if I can just get two hundred and sixty four of you to each send me £1, I can buy these shoes. You’re all OK with that, aren’t you? I promise I’ll look after them. And I’ll wear them every single day, other than the days I’m doing a Shoe Challenge, and on those days I’ll put them out on display, so I can admire them even although I’m not wearing them.

Do we have a deal? No? Would this convince you?

Yes, I know I already have more than my share of leopard print shoes. But these… these are the QUEEN of leopard print shoes, and if you already happen to have that spare £264 to spend, you can click here to buy them. Lucky you.


  • Oh my God… simply fantastic!!!!!! When I started reading, I just saw the £1… and thought “eBay? I may give it a try!” But then I read £263 were missing… 🙂 I want these ones… ooohhh, no, why this price…!

  • They’re gorgeous indeed, surely one of the better leopard shoes out there, since they combine one of my favourite uppers with a rather innocent and cute touch in the form of that baby blue piping and bow.

  • Leopard print shoes are awesome. I know some people think they are trashy, but I honestly can’t see it. As for these ones specifically, I adore the pale blue lining.

  • I’m not normally a fan of that thin a heel or light blue, but that is one of the most amazing and beautiful pair of pumps I’ve ever seen!
    Wouldn’t mind giving 1£ to see some amazing pics of you and those shoes, god knows I have spent 1£ on far stupider things. Like fake currency in Pet society (technically that was closer to 3£..)


    Let’s cross our fingers that for some reason no one in your size wants them and they’ll be sold at 75% off in half a year..

  • How did I miss these – stunning – S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!
    I love the elegant shape of the upper and the fun of the print, but the price, not so much.

  • OMG! Those shoes are gorgeous. The animal print is so cute and the blue just sets everything.

    Damn, now I want a pair too.

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