Shoeper Shoes: Christian Louboutin shoes roundup

Christian Louboutin Shoes

Every Friday for the past two years, I’ve brought you a “Friday Fix” featuring a pair of shoes from my very favourite designer, the master shoemaker himself, Christian Louboutin. (I’d call him “Shoeperman”, but my husband has already claimed that title…)

This Friday, I’m going to be off wrapping gifts and preparing for Christmas (and probably doing some last-minute shopping, knowing me: my shoeper-powers don’t extend to being organised for Christmas!), but I didn’t want to leave you without your fix, so today I bring you an entire year’s worth of Louboutins. Here are all (or most) of the Friday Fixes I’ve featured this year: you can consider it my Christmas gift to you, and trust me when I tell you that if I could give you the ACTUAL shoes themselves, I would. That’s how much I love my shoeper readers.

For now, sit back, enjoy the shoes, and feel free to tell me if you can pick out a favourite! Here are the best of Christian Louboutin shoes from the past 12 months!

(P.S. I should probably stress here that not all of these shoes are from the 2011 collection – that’s just when I featured them!)


  • Oh, so much prettiness!! Love the glittery Daffodils and the gold peep toes with the knot, but if I really really had to choose (and could pick only one pair for realz), it would have to be the black studded Pigale…

  • I think I love the green ones, the main picture. It’s a stunning colour and a beautiful shoe. But I find it hard to dislike any of our Master’s designs.

  • I love the studded shoes with the bow (Lucifer) since they are my very first pair of Louboutins, they will always have a special place in my closet.

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