Chloe Jade Green for Topshop: new shoe collection

CJGf or Topshopshop shoes

The latest CJG (Chloe Jade Green) for Topshop shoe collection arrived online last week, and you can see a small selection of the available footwear in the gallery below.

As with the first collection from this line, I have to admit to being fairly impressed. While most of the shoes aren’t to my personal taste, I think they’re a lot more interesting, and appear to be better made (although I should stress I’m judging purely from the photos here: I haven’t seen them in person yet!) than many capsule collections we see, which possibly explains the fact that they’re a little more pricey than some of them, too!

There are lots of points of interest here, but two main things stand out in this collection: spikes and height! I’m a fan of both of those things, and although giant platforms aren’t so much my thing these days, I DO love those spikes!

Take a look at the gallery, and tell me what you think: if you see anything you like, you can find them all at Topshop, with prices starting at around £115 per pair.


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