Office ‘Simple Minds’ blue floral criss-cross platform heels

Although the style is called ‘Simple Minds’, these shoes are anything but simple, and that, of course, is part of the appeal. With a pale blue upper, pretty floral print and 5.7″ heel, these combine a summery print with closed toes, making them a good choice for those July days when you want to dress for the summer, but the weather is decidedly Spring (or even Winter, if you live near me). And for those days when you don’t have to walk very far, obviously.

I suspect both the print and platform will divide opinion on these: I love them, and would wear them with simple dresses or jeans to let them stand out the way they so obviously want to, but what do you think of them?

You can buy them at Office, where they’re £70.


  • Oh my God, that was the one I most looooooved, really! But the platform is a bit too high, in my opinion… I would feel better with half of it… 🙁 But I really loved these shoes…

  • I don’t usually like Office’s shoes but the pattern on these is lovely. The heel is a bit much though. I don’t want to literally tower over people.

    I agree they either need to be worn with a simple dress or a pair of trousers to really shine.

  • I think I like them, but not enough to wear them myself. Although I’m pretty sure that if I saw someone in the street wearing them with a great outfit, I would probably change my mind about that.

  • I like these, but I think the stlye of such a big platform and the floral print seem to clash. They remind me of something a girlband would wear! Also could do with the platform being a bit smaller, at 5.9″ I would literally look like a giant next to all my friends (even when they are in heels) and would be on eye level with a lot of men!!

    • Im in the same boat! I want these SOOO bad for my wedding in two weeks. I am also in the US so its increasingly hard to find something like this here. If you guys know of anything let me know!

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