Dorothy Perkins ‘Gotcha’ twisted bow court shoes

Dorothy Perkins 'Gotcha' twisted bow court shoes

Dorothy Perkins ‘Gotcha’ twisted bow court shoes

These shoes had me at “twisted bow”, although, honestly, the words “pale blue” would probably have done it, too: I mean, that even SOUNDS nice, doesn’t it?

In reality, the knotted bow on these shoes creates a vamp that’s just a tiny bit higher than I would ideally like: I know trends come and go, and I’ll often come round to liking something I’d have otherwise hated, but the trend for high vamps (mostly on slip ons, also with knotted bows in front) is one of the ones I’ve never learned to like, and I don’t think I ever will. These, however, aren’t quite in that category, and I like everything else about them, so I think I’d be willing to overlook it.

In addition to the lovely colour and knotted detail at the front, these shoes also have the attraction of being very affordable, at just £30. From that, I’m sure you’ll have gathered that the upper is not real suede, but, on the plus-side, that non-suede upper does come in four different colours, including this one, so maybe you’ll be willing to overlook that detail, too.

These are by Dorothy Perkins, who I’ve been increasingly impressed with lately, when it comes to shoes. I used to predominantly visit the site just for the clothes, and I still do, but I’m finding myself increasingly drawn to the shoe section too, these days, where I can normally find a really nice range of footwear, that doesn’t cost the earth. Also in good ol’ Dotty’s favour is the fact that they almost always seem to have a sake or discount code available, so if you want to make those shoes even more affordable, have a quick Google first, and see if any discount codes come up: every little helps, right?

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