Dorothy Perkins colourblock platform pumps

Dorothy Perkins colourblock pumps

Navy and green are probably the two colours I wear most often (I’ll just give you a few seconds to recover from that deeply surprising bit of information, shall I?), so naturally, finding a shoe which combines both colours is like finding free Louboutins at the end of a rainbow. OK, no it isn’t: nothing would really beat free Louboutins, would it? But these Dorothy Perkins colourblock heels are still pretty cute: the chunky heel and two-toned bow both get my vote, and if navy and green aren’t your colours, there’s also this version:

tan heels with orange bow

These up the ante a little with three different colours, one of which is the season’s-essential (if you believe in such things): orange.

Finally, if you’re still not down with colourblocking, or if, like me, you have a bit of a problem with constantly buying more pairs of “nude” heels, I give you these:

Nude bow shoes

I like them all, and I also like the £42 price tag: if you do, too, you can click here to buy a pair!


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