Shoeperwoman Shops Shoeaholics: KG by Kurt Geiger red glitter ‘Jasmine’ pumps

Well, here they are: my first – but definitely not my last – order from the Shoeaholics site I told you about on Friday: Kurt Geiger’s ‘Jasmine’ court shoes:

I’d had my eye on these ever since they were released last year, but felt that the original, £100 price tag was a little too high for shoes I’d probably get a limited amount of wear out of, so I waited patiently for the sale. When the sale came, however, I continued to resist the lure of the Dorothy shoes, and I resisted valiantly… right up until the moment they sold out in my size, which was, of course, the exact same moment that I decided I really wanted to buy them.

When I saw them on Shoeaholics for just £29, then, I knew it was now or never, so I hit the “order” button and sat back to wait.

I didn’t have to wait very long, as it happens: I got a dispatch notification within an hour of placing my order, and, having made the purchase on Friday morning, the shoes arrived at 8am the following Monday – so far, so good for Shoeaholics.

But what did they look like?

Well, as I mentioned on Friday, many of the shoes on this site are ex-display, and the product description on the Jasmine courts stated that I should expect some cosmetic damage. I should probably note here that glitter-covered shoes aren’t really the fairest test for this site, because I would imagine they’d be more prone to damage than most other fabrics.  Realising this, I’d been prepared for the worst. Here’s what I got.

There’s some noticeable damage to the edges of the bow on both shoes: you can see from the photos below that the glitter has come off at the seam, leaving the white fabric visible underneath. Having examined the shoes closely, though, this is the only issue I can find: there’s absolutely no sign of wear on the soles, and the glitter coating is thick and even over the rest of the shoe.  Only one shoe has damage to the bow, and from the perfect condition of both the sole and insole, I’d guess it’s probably come from the shoe lying on its side in the box, rather than from people trying it on.

As far as the glitter loss goes, well, it’s noticeable when you take the shoes out of the box and hold them in your hands, but you do have to be fairly close to see it: I don’t think anyone would notice it when they’re actually being worn, for instance. I also suspect it would be easily repaired with a purchase of some red glitter and a glue gun – or I could simply use red ink to colour the white line where the glitter has come off, making it less noticeable.

Overall, I think the shoes were fairly priced given their condition. If I’d paid £100 for them, I’d obviously have been disappointed, but they were marked down to £29, what little damage there is will be easily repairable, and the cosmetic damage was clearly stated in the product description, so I think I got a good deal, all things considered.

Will I be keeping them? The jury’s still out on that one at the moment. I love the shoes, and I’m not at all put off by the missing glitter, but as fabulous as they are, I’m still wondering when I’ll ever get an opportunity to wear them, and if the black version might be a better option. One thing I do know, however, is that I’ll definitely be using Shoeaholics again: probably far too often for my own good!

P.S. I put some extra photos of these over on my Facebook page, if you want to take a look!


  • I have the black. KILLER heels though, they’re so high I almost topple over. Still haven’t worn them but will do before Christmas, I swear!

    I think you should keep them. Even if you don’t wear them by the end of the shoeper challenge, I bet you could get more than £30 for them on ebay in Feb!

  • Ooh!

    I have Dorothy shoes and I think you’ll be surprised how much wear you can get out of them, in fact mine were one of the first pairs I saved for the Shoe Challenge.

    • See, I knew there were at least a couple of Challengettes who had these and had looked great in them! I will have a look back at your pic for some inspiration 🙂

  • Woo, glad to see they’re not too damaged! I ordered the same pair and hopefully they’ll be here tomorrow. I’ll be very happy if mine are the same condition as yours.

    Is it bad that I don’t care if I only wear them a few times as they’re so pretty? Almost too pretty to have them in the wardrobe, I might put them somewhere as an ornament, way better than any vase!

    • I’d be interested to hear what yours are like – I suspect every pair of these will be different because of the potential for the glitter to fall off: fingers crossed 🙂

  • The damage isn’t too bad then….I’d probably opt for colouring in the white bit.

    At £29 it could be worth keeping them….come xmas/new year time you might be kicking yourself for not keeping them!!

    And then get the black too. Just because you can!

  • I am saddened this is a UK only website! I should still get to order I think, seeing that I am still British even if I live abroad.
    I might have to enlist a friend to be a delivery mule for me 😉

  • Amber, a great way to set the glitter is to spray the shoe with hairspray, I do all the time! check out my blog for more shoe care tips 😉

  • I’m glad I bought the Dolly version of this shoe – the one with sequins rather than glitter. Not one has dislodged – despite trudging through stones (chuckies!) on our engagement shoot.

    I don’t wear mine regularly, but when I do wear them they feel like my most special pair of magic shoes and I get so many comments on them!

  • I agree that they’re a beautiful show-stopper. I would find it VERY difficult to put together an outfit around them, but as a fail-safe, you could always plan on dressing as Dorothy for Halloween, and save them for the shoe challenge that way. =)

  • They are awesome but I can see limited opportunities for wear. But at that price, does it really matter that you might only wear them a few times?

  • I was going to THANK YOU because I have been looking for Dorothy shoes for a VERY long time, and so I immediatly went on Shoeaholics to get a pair of these, and Oh My God my size is still there!! But that’s when I clicked to checkout that I realised that…They don’t deliver to France!! :'(
    I’ll hunt them down on the internet from now on, and I am sure I’ll get them someday 🙂 I know how to be patient when it comes to shoes, I just received my Miss Selfridge Oversize bow shoes that I have been looking for months! 🙂 Thanks for your website Shoeperwoman!

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