Shoe Save # 50/75: Vivienne Westwood/Melissa black Lady Dragon heart shoes

WHAT: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon shoes (c/o Spartoo)
WHEN: Thursday, October 6th, 2011
WITH: Dorothy Perkins mustard dress

It’s the first pair of tights of the season, folks: it’s all downhill from here!

Now, I’ve made no secret of the fact that I hate wearing tights. I know most fashion bloggers rave about them, but I always find them really uncomfortable, and while they look great on other people, I think most of my outfits look better without thick tights (which is why this winter I think I’m going to do a “Kate Middleton” and go sheer), so I’ve put off wearing them for as long as possible this year. Today, though, I could resist no longer: I really wanted to wear this dress (which I actually mentioned on my personal blog today), and it’s too cold now for bare legs, so tights it was!

Vivienne Westwood Lady Drahon shoes in black

I mentioned when I got these shoes that I thought they might turn out to be one of the few pairs of peep toes I’d be willing to wear with tights, so I tried it out today, and was quite pleased with the result. As I suspected, the peep toe on the Lady Dragons is so small (and is partially hidden by the heart anyway) that you don’t really notice it, so I’m pleased to be able to keep on wearing these throughout the winter. And hey, they’re waterproof, too, which is a good thing considering how rainy it’s been lately!

I’ve now successfully managed to save all of my peep toes AND all of my Lady Dragons, and I’ve made it to 50 pairs of saved shoes in total. Cause for celebration, I think…


  • I hate tights too! I’m bare-legged today but the wind is soooo cold, I think I’m going to have to wear my tights tomorrow. I think they’re uncomfortable too and I hate having to plan out what I’m going to wear based on what tights I have. Sigh – winter is a bore.

    STILL.The Lady Dragon shoes do look good with tights, and well done you for saving all of your peep toe shoes! This is presumably why Rubin is looking at you so approvingly.

    p.s. good work on buying that dress in green as well. You’d have been mad not to.

    • Ah, I can’t tell you how glad I am to know I’m not alone in this! I feel like all summer I’ve been hearing people talk about how they can’t wait for it to be cold so they can wear tights, and I just don’t get the appeal at all… I’ve always hated the things! And yes, the having to plan things around them is so annoying: plus, most of my dresses seem to have short-ish sleeves, so I always end up wearing cardigans or something, too, which doesn’t always look right. Gah! Is it too early to start counting down to summer, do you think?

      (The green dress actually arrived today, having only been ordered yesterday! I do think I’d have regretted not getting it: always room for one more!)

      • Good work Dorothy Perkins!

        No, tights just don’t do it for me at all. I mean, I can find ways to make them bearable in the winter but I don’t ever look forward to wearing them. To be totally honest, it irritates the shit out of me when people spend the summer whining about how they can’t wait to wear boots in the autumn because usually they’re the same fools that spend all winter moaning for summer! I don’t have a problem with wishing for summer, I should say, just that don’t wish for winter and then whinge about it!

        Anyway – I just got a dress pattern that looks a lot like your lovely dress, and some navy bengaline to make it with – yay!

        • Oh God, YES! I whine constantly about winter, but I don’t complain about the heat on the rare occasions we get it: I’m always just happy it’s not snowing! The thing that confuses me most is that the tights-lovers seemed to start longing for coats and tights in, like, JUNE. I don’t get that. Surely there’s enough cold weather as it is without wishing away the small amount of good days we get? It also surprises me sometimes that there are always people desperate for winter, so they can wear coats and boots, but when it gets to February, I never seem to read posts about how people can’t wait for summer: I had seriously started to think I was the only person in the world who didn’t think winter was the best! thing! ever! (That said, I get very depressed in the winter due to the lack of light here, so that does tend to skew my perception a bit! )

  • Great dress and congratulations for having saved all your peep toes! Just today I sent you pictures wishing you had some sun up there, and now you say it’s raining a lot… it did here too, in the afternoon. Still, I chose a pair of trousers instead of tights, I don’t like them, but what can we do. But it’s sooo cold and I don’t know how to solve it (uh? Exactly, tights is the word/solution!)
    You and your dress with the Lady Dragon shoes witht tights look gorgeous!

  • I love love LOVE that dress! 🙂 And the combination with those shoes is awesome. One day I’ll buy myself a pair of Lady Dragons too, and hope to look as fabulous as you 😉

  • I used to HATE wearing tights, so much that I stopped wearing dresses because I wasn’t comfortable going bare legged… But then my mom got be this pair, it’s a local lebanese brand I think, and I can’t explain to you HOW comfortable they are!!! I’ve now converted to being a tights-lover 😀 I’ve gone back to the store and bought a black, navy, and skin color pair.

    Ps. LOVE the mustard dress with the tights and the lady dragons 🙂 yeay for saving 50 pairs!

    • I’ve had a weird thing about tights since I was a kid: I don’t think it’s a brand thing or anything, I just can’t stand them! I wish I DID like them – my life would be so much easier in the winter if I was crazy about tights!

  • That dress looks fab on you! I tried it on on Saturday and it was OK on me, but a bit short and I have enough too-short-for-work dresses really. Love the Lady Dragons with it, glad they’re all safe now!

  • The Lady Dragons look nice with tights! I am dreading the colder months, although now that I live just south of Los Angeles, I don’t think it will be getting super duper cold. I still see people wearing shorts here.

  • I’m on the other side of the fence, i’m one of the tights lovers that can’t wait for winter, reason being i don’t ever get my legs out if i can help it (they’ look awful bare) so without tights i’d never be able to wear any of my awesome dresses, plus they seem to be making dresses ridiculously short these days & wearing opaque tights kind of helps to keep it looking decent lol. Loving the mustard dress btw, it looks lovely with your hair & glad all the dragons are safe :o)

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