Red Gisella Spotty Peep Toe Court Shoes from A|Wear

Can you BELIEVE I got through almost an entire summer without obsessing over these shoes? Because I can’t. If I’d seen these a few months ago, I would almost certainly have bought them. And I’d have worn them EVERYWHERE. I’d have worn them with turned-up jeans. I’d have worn them with full-skirted dresses. I’d have worn them with carpri pants. I’d have worn them with that River Island skirt I love so much. I’d have worn them so much, they’d probably have been almost falling apart by now, but I still wouldn’t throw them away because, having been my constant companions all summer, I would feel like they deserved more loyalty than that from me.

I feel almost as if all of that actually happened, now. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I turned around, and these shoes were sitting on the shelves behind me. In fact, I’m going to try it…

Nope. No red polka dot shoes. (Well, OK, I DO have a pair of red polka dot shoes. Of COURSE I do. But not these ones. ) Wouldn’t it have been brilliant if that had happened, though, and I discovered I had the shoeperpower of being able to make shoes magically appear on my shelves? Hello, entire Christian Louboutin collection, pleased to meet you!


Because I’m discovering these shoes at the END of summer, rather than at the start of it, I’m better able to resist them, although if they were to suddenly go on sale, say, I would find it a whole lot harder. If you’re not even going to TRY to resist them, though, you can click here to buy them from A|Wear, where they’re £50.

Did I mention they’re also available in black?

(I’d buy these ones, too. And also that green Closet skirt I showed you last week. OK, stepping away from the computer RIGHT NOW…)


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