Alexander McQueen gold cracked leather ankle boots

gold alexander mcqueen ankle boots

Alexander McQueen ankle boots, $425

I realise I’ve been showing an awful lot of gold, both in my shoe and outfit selections lately, but it IS the season to be jolly after all, and here at Shoeper Towers, I choose to interpret that as “wear gold. And glitter. And don’t apologise, because when else do you get the opportunity?”

No apologies, then, for the presence of these Alexander McQueen ankle boots on the site today. I’ve been wearing ankle boots a lot more than I usually do lately, which means I’ve been keeping an eye out for colours other than black. I was drawn to these ones, not just because of the gold, cracked leather upper, but also because of the very slim, streamlined shape. I think boots like these work best when they fit closely to the foot: it makes them almost like pumps, and almost as easy to wear as pumps, but with a whole lot of added warmth (and no need for a pedicure.)

These are currently on sale, and have been reduced to $425 from the original $850. Despite that, there’s still a lot of stock of them at Net-a-Porter, which leads me to the big question:

How would you save a pair of gold ankle boots?

These are potentially problematic, because the shape says “daytime”, but the metallic upper says “evening”. I’ve gone for an evening look, using the boots to give a little bit of an edge to a classic prom dress:

what to wear with gold ankle boots

What to wear with gold ankle boots:

Tomorrow, I promise to feature something that ISN’T gold or black. Well, I promise to TRY, anyway…


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