Brian Atwood red buckle heel peep toes

Brian Atwood buckle heel peep toes

The colour and shape of these shoes gets them off to a very promising start: in fact, they’re almost approaching Shoe Kryptonite territory. But wait! What’s this on the heel?

buckle heel shoes

Oh. Buckles. Six of ’em. And, you know, I’ll give them points for being different. I don’t think I’ve seen quite this many buckles on a heel before, and that has to count for something. But honestly? If I owned these, I’d spend all my time thinking, “Gosh, I wish these didn’t have buckles on the heels!” and wanting to somehow rip them off. Maybe it’s just me: I’ll generally take a simple shape and a stand-out colour over some kind of fussy detail, but what does everyone else think of these? Love, hate or indifferent?

These are £808 (Yes, really) and you can click here to buy them at Colette.


  • I think these are cute. They are also making me think about how I could never wear shoes with elaborate heels because mine become terribly scoffed about 5 minutes in. I would ruin all the fancy work that went into it.

  • I think the buckles make them seem a little cheap and stripper-y? Would’ve liked them a whole lot more without the buckles and even without the strap.

  • I adored them right up until I realized A) that’s stop sign red, and B ) it had an ankle strap. Make it is a darker red, a turquoise, or even a navy, and get rid of that d* ankle strap and we’d have a winner.

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