4 Amazing Pairs of Designer Flats

selection of designer flats

I’ll be honest: when I’m buying flats, I’ll generally look to the budget brands for something that will fit my needs, but not cost too much. I think the most expensive flats I ever bought were the Boden jewelled pumps, which I got on sale for around £50 – and even that seemed like a lot of money to me for flat shoes, although it would be relatively cheap for a pair of heels. Funny how that works, huh?

That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good pair of designer flats when I see them, though: if I WAS going to be dropping a lot of cash on flat shoes, these are the ones I’d be buying.

From the top…

01. Dolce & Gabbana polka dot flats

I almost squealed in delight when I saw these pointed flats, with their polka dot upper and giant bow: I hardly ever want to squeal over shoes with less than a 4″ heel, so that tells you how much I love these ones!

02. Giambattisa Valli embellished satin flats

From one of my favourite shoe brands, these satin flats also come in pink, which is also amazing.

03. Valentino Rockstud ballerinas

I know a lot of people are sick to death of Valentino’s Rockstuds, in all of their various iterations, but I still love them, and I really like this nude flat version: these are just so much dressier than most pairs of flats, and will instantly add a bit of polish to whatever you wear with them.

04. Aruna Seth peep toe flats

Aruna Seth are best known for their bridal shoes, and these peep toe flats definitely have a bridal feel to them. The pale pink satin, however, will work for other special occasions too, and will blend easily with most colours: isn’t it refreshing to find a glamorous evening shoe that doesn’t have a stiletto heel?


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