Sophia Webster ‘Evangeline’ winged sandals

Sophia Webster 'Evangeline' winged sandals rose gold wing heeled sandals by Sophia Webster winged shoes - 'Evangeline' sandals by Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster winged sandals

THE SHOES: Sophia Webser ‘Evangeline’ winged sandals, £395

If you happened to check out Net-a-Porter’s ‘New In’ section yesterday morning, I’m sure your eyes will have lingered for a moment on these shoes – regardless of whether or not you actually like them or not.

I DO like them – very much, in fact – but even if I wasn’t a Sophia Webster fan, I think I’d have to stop for a second to admire the workmanship of these shoes, with their delicate, winged heels. In most cases, wings-on-heels would fall strictly into the “novelty” category for me, and would therefore get the thumbs down. In this case, however, I think the winged detail is absolutely stunning: these would be lovely shoes even without it  – that mixture of cream and rose gold is so luxurious – but the wings really elevate the design to something outstanding, and they look even better on a foot, as you’ll see if you take a look at them on the retail site.

I think the delicacy of these shoes is what really makes them work, and stops them from looking too gimmicky. They have a ‘fairytale’ feel to them and that’s (almost) always a good thing in my book!

outfit featuring sophia webster winged sandals and jacquard skirt

THE STYLE:   skirt // top // ring // bag

Summer’s trend for co-ordinarting separates continues into the new season: I found this little set at Miss Selfridge, and love the fact that you could wear the two pieces together, as a dress, or with other items for a totally different look. (I think the top would look good with black skinny trousers, while the skirt could work with a fluffy sweater…) Unfortunately they don’t show these on a model, so I’m not sure exactly how long (or short) the skirt is, but it has a nice A-line shape, which gives it something of a retro feel.


  • The look that you put together seems to have Taylor Swift’s name written all over it. The shoes are simply stunning though so I personally would wear them with anything from 50’s skirts to well … pajamas. I wish I was joking.

  • I have these ,and many other of her winged shoes, too. They are definitely so much more than a gimmick. They’re all art.

    That said, though, they are also very delicate. I have had to have mine professionally repaired a number of times.

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