Shoe of the Day | New Look contrast panel pointed heels


New Look contrast panel pointed heels, £19.99

These shoes instantly jumped out at me as I browsed the New Look website last week: the combination of mint green and baby blue is always a winner for me, but, as I much as I love the look of winter pastels, I also like the way the black sections on these pumps help ground the look a little, and prevent it from being too summery.

These also have a slightly vintage feel, which appeals: they’re bold and fun, and the colours remind me of an art deco apartment building on Miami’s South Beach – I mean that as a compliment, by the way.

The classic pump underneath that colourful upper, meanwhile, keeps the overall look fairly simple, but I find myself wondering if I’d like them as much in real life as I do in the image. The instep of each shoe, you see, is plain black, and when you see them from the side, the effect is slightly strange, almost as if you’re looking at two different shoes:

contrast panel shoes

Still, for £19.99, at least you won’t have to spend too much to find out what they look like on! Here’s how I’d style them:

little black dress and bright shoes

dress // bag // lipstick // sunglasses 

This dress is also from New Look, and I actually had it in my basket for a while, before finally managing to talk myself out of it. It may well end up back in there at some point, though, because a girl can always find a use for a little black dress, and you all know what a sucker I am for a Bardot neckline. (If you want to understand WHY that is, try imagining this dress with a crew neck, or similar. Not nearly as fancy, is it?) This is just £18, so between the shoes and the dress, you have a entire outfit for less than £40: not bad at all!

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