Shoes With Spots:Polka dot shoes available right now

Polka dot shoes are my weakness – well, one of my weaknesses, I should say – so rather than inundate you with lots of spots over the next few days, here are some of the pairs I’ve found lately…

Polka dot platform shoes, £29.99, New Look

These shoes are available in “exclusive and flagship stores only”, which, if I may indulge in a quick aside, is one of my bugbears about modern retail, because the “flagship” stores are never located anywhere near me, so I always, always miss out. Retailers: if you’re a national chain, make your products available nationwide, rather than always playing favourites with the same (*cough* London *cough* ) stores! With that said, however, these shoes ARE actually available online too, so that little rant was all for nothing. Sorry, New Look. They’re £29.99, and I prefer the orange spots to the yellow ones, which are a little too pale to stand out.

Sienna pink polka dot platform shoes, £62, Topshop – click here to buy them.

These are more pin-dot than polka-dot, I think (yes, there is a different), but the subtle print makes a nice change, and the pale pink upper is also very pretty. “Sienna” is also available in black, silver and gold, and has that classic peep-toe shape which will never go out of style. At least, I hope not, because if it does, I’ll have to replace about 70% of my shoe collection.

Betsey Johnson “Maggi” dot pump platform heels, $99, Ruche – click here to buy them

Another pair of pink polka dot heels! Actually, the print on these is rather similar to the Topshop shoes shown above, but the shape is different as these have a closed toe topped with a bow, a raffia platform and a wooden heel. Very Betsey.

Polka dot ballet flats, £16, Miss Selfridge – click here to buy them

For those who don’t want to wear heels, Miss Selfridge have these cute little polka dot flats, in breathable canvas – a great, summer shoe! I like the fact that these are yellow and white, as opposed to the more usual red-and-white or blue-and-white combinations you tend to see on polka prints. (Why is that, I wonder?)

Finally, for something a little less summery:

Ivanka Trump polka dot shoes, $119.99, – click here to buy them

These are by Ivanka Trump. Now, I’m not normally a fan of “celebrity” (I use that word in its loosest form) shoe or clothing lines, but if I like a shoe, I don’t really care who designed it (or who gave their name to it, as the case may be), and I do like these shoes. They’re the polka-dot equivalent of the classic black pump: the shape is simple and elegant, but with that sweetheart-shaped vamp to give it some added interest, and you have to admit, the print is a lot more fun than standard black. These would look good with that LBD or black pencil skirt, for an office look with a little bit of a twist. They’re also available in black patent, nude and bright blue.

What do you think of polka dot shoes? And which pair is your favourite?


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