Gift Guide 2014 | Gift Ideas for Introverts and Homebodies

gift guide for introverts

Last week I wrote a post on my personal blog about being an introvert, and today I thought I’d follow it up with a holiday gift guide especially for the introverts amongst us!

Now, it goes without saying that no two introverts are the exactly the same, and they all have different interests and personalities. This guide, then, is really aimed at anyone who loves to be at home: if you have a friend or family member who loves nothing better than a quiet night in with a good book, here are some gift ideas they might like…


(clockwise from top)

01. J Crew journal

Introverts tend to be the quiet, self-reflective type: this spotted J Crew journal is a stylish place for them to write down their deepest, most private thoughts.

02. Books!

There’s more to life than books, you know … but not much more. For those who agree with Morrissey, there’s nothing better than the gift of a good book. If you don’t know what they like – or what they’ve already read – book tokens, or a first edition of a classic could be a good option.

03. High performance earphones

Help them shut out the world for a while with these gold coloured earphones.

04. Cashmere bedsocks

Luxury loungewear, for stylish nights in.

05. Scented candle

The perfect companion for a relaxing bubble bath, or night on the sofa.

06. A box set of their favourite TV show

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy binge-watching their favourite show?

07. Coffee mug 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive stocking filler, a pretty coffee mug will work perfectly with that good book. For a larger gift, add some luxury chocolates – or buy them the full set.

08. Cable-knit throw

To snuggle up in on cold winter nights.

09. Aveda ‘A Moment of Peace is a Gift’

Every introvert knows that a moment of peace really IS a gift. This set by Aveda couldn’t be better named!

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