Red Valentino pink glitter bow front pumps

Red Valentino pink glitter bow front pumps

pink glitter shoes

Red Valentino pink glitter bow front pumps, £275

I know I’ve said in the past that I’m not really a “pink” girl, and it’s true: I’m not. When pink is done well, though, it can convert even me, and I think these Red Valentino glitter pumps are a great example of pink done, not just “well”, but REALLY well. I would like the shape of these regardless of the upper, because they have that classic, ladylike look to them, but add a dose of pink glitter and all of a sudden they look like shoes right out of a fairytale.

One point in pink’s favour is that as long as it’s a pale shade, and not a neon or bubblegum pink, it can be a fantastic neutral, and while My-Wardrobe have shown these worn with a simple black dress, I think they’re versatile enough to work with just about anything.

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