Shoe of the Day | JustFab ‘Federica’ red bow heels

red high heel bow shoes

JustFab ‘ Federica’ red bow heels, $54.99

Not for the first time (and definitely not for the last time, either), I find myself wishing international shopping wasn’t quite so expensive.

I found these shoes at, which is a US-based site. They do ship internationally, but I know from bitter experience that once you add on the customs and import duties, plus the shipping fee itself, those $54.99 shoes can almost double in price.

If that wasn’t the case, I’d be sorely tempted by these ‘Federica’ shoes. This is a style that’s been repeated frequently over the past couple of years, by brands like Carvela and Steve Madden, to name but two. That multi-layered bow is bow a familiar sight, but it’s one I never get tired of, and when its attached to a bright red, pointed pump – well, that just makes it even better, doesn’t it?

Red shoes are a shoeper staple, and I wear them all year round. For many people, however, they really come into their own at holiday time, adding a touch of festive flair to any outfit.

polka dot skirt and red heels

skirt // top// bag // belt 

This outfit is actually one which could work at any time of year (with perhaps just a couple of modifications for the season), although a little sparkly sweater will always help dress the look up just a little bit.

This skirt, meanwhile, is yet another Paper Dolls pick and I definitely need to make a note to check out this brand in more detail in the new year: it’s polka-dot perfection, and would look just as good on a summer’s day as it would as part of a winter evening ensemble.

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