Sophia Webster Lola Gem embellished satin pumps

Sophia Webster Lola Gem embellished satin pumps

Sophia Webster Lola Gem embellished satin pumps, £340

I think these might just be my favourite Sophia Webster shoes ever. They’re up against some stiff competition, too – Sophia Webster makes some amazing shoes, after all, but I stand by my original assessment – I think these ones are the fairest of them all. Or they are for me, anyway, but then again, a green shoe with a high heel and a pointed toe may as well have my name written on it, so I’m perhaps just a little bit biased.

Whether you love the colour or not, however (they also come in pink, for those who don’t…), the shoe underneath is also worth a mention. This is a shape that will be familiar to Sophia Webster fans, who’ve seen it many times before: it’s a particularly delicate pointed pump, and although on paper the high heel and pointed toe sounds much the same as any other shoe of that description, it’s instantly recognisable as a Webster design.

That, then, leaves us with the colour and embellishment, which are the two elements which really make these shoes stand out. The green satin, contrasted with the red jewel on the toe could be in danger of looking a little bit festive for June, but the shades are far from Christmassy, and the other gems on the toe also help in that respect. The colours all work wonderfully well together, and although the overall effect is bold and bright, it manages not to look garish or cheap. I think these look even better on the foot that they do on their own, but it’s worth visiting the website to get some more views of them, including a close-up of that toe: they’re beautiful to look at from every imaginable angle.

Now, about that pink version…

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  • Hey! Amber,
    Now you’ve done it! My cravings for another pair of heels, had been somewhat satisfied for this instant in time, if that is actually possible, and now my desire meter has again ramped to extremely obsessive. Somehow, these pumps in any color, need to be among my wardrobe selections for they are great for anyone’s style. Like most classic stiletto pumps, their simplistic design greatly enhances the feet that wear them. The gems are a wonderful treatment, but these shoes have the attraction factor to die for already.

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