Emanuel Ungaro Very Hot platform pumps


Emanuel Ungaro have named these shoes ‘Very Hot’, so they’re clearly feeling confident about how they’ll be received. I say WE’LL be the judges of shoe hotness, thanks very much, so… what do you think?

These are certainly different. The mirrored leather and sculpted heels give them a bit of a Barbarella/futuristic feel, and that’s automatically going to make some people discount them instantly. I’m probably one of those people to be honest, but only because none of my clothes have a particularly futuristic feel to them, so there wouldn’t be a whole lot I could wear with these. My guess is that most people who buy them will wear them exactly as shown on Net-a-Porter – with one of the huge-shouldered body-con mini dresses we’re currently seeing so much of.

What do you think, readers: Very Hot, or Very Not?

Emanuel Ungarao Very Hot platform shoes, £640


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