Diane Von Furstenberg taupe knee-high boots

Diane Von Furstenberg taupe knee-high boots

Diane Von Furstenberg taupe knee-high boots, $550

When I get excited about a pair of shoes, it’s normally because they have some kind of “wow” factor about them, whether it be a stand-out colour, an interesting embellishment or an amazing shape.

When I get excited about boots, on the other hand, it’s normally because they’re as simple and un-adorned as boots can be – or because they’re a colour other than black.

For me, the two forms of footwear serve totally different purposes. Shoes are for showing off and standing out: they often form the focal point of my outfit, and are beautiful to look at, even when they’re sitting on the shelves. Boots, on the other hand, are far more functional, and more often than not, I just want them to go more-or-less un-noticed, letting the outfit they’re being worn with do all the work.

That’s why I love these Diane Von Furstenberg boots. Taupe is one of my favourite shades for boots, because it’s such a great neutral (and also because, if it’s pale enough, it can almost create the illusion that I’m not actually wearing boots at all…), and these have that perfect, elegant shape which tells me that if I were to own them, I’d probably wear them all winter long, and rarely feel the need to wear anything else. Which is a good way for a pair of boots to be, don’t you think?

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