Ted Baker Appolini Light Blue Bow Heeled Sandals

Ted Baker’s is one of those websites I try not to visit too often (If only the same thing could be said about Office, huh ShoeperMan?) – everything’s just so gorgeous that I really can’t trust myself to just look at it all, without deciding I absolutely must have some of it right this very second. The shopaholic life chose me, people…

Today, though, I’ve taken a look, and I’m not remotely sorry, because look at what I found:

Ted Baker Appolini Light Blue Bow Heeled Sandals

Ted Baker ‘Apoloni’ tripe bow heeled sandals

OK, OK… I technically found these shoes at ASOS, not at Ted Baker. Ted Baker DO have the style in stock, but only in black and white. I, on the other hand, much prefer this cute little baby blue version – and wouldn’t they make a great ‘something blue’ for a bride? I think so.

I love everything about these, from the three little bows, to the slim straps and high stiletto heel. They’ll probably be a little too sweet to be wholesome for some of you, but if you don’t like bows, look away now, because there are more coming up, including these beauties:


Bows are, of course, one of Ted Baker’s strong points: I have a couple of pairs of their ‘Keanah’ peep toes from a few years ago, and although they’re pretty old now (In shoe years, at least.) (Shoe years are a bit like dog years, just in case you were wondering…) I still wear them regularly, and I still love them just as much as I did the day I got them. I’m sure I’d feel the same about these studded pumps: they’re a classic shape, with a gorgeous bow detail, and the studded upper helps give them a bit of added edge. If you don’t need a bit of added edge, however, there are a few other colours available – just don’t blame me if you end up wanting all of them!

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