‘Kella’ floral platform court shoes from Misguided

I’m sure I’ve banged on about the arrival of OMGSPRING more than enough lately: you’re all, “OK, Shoeperwoman, we GET it: the seasons change! Now get over it, and show us some shoes, woman!” Well, your wish is my command, and also my pleasure, because these ‘Kella’ platforms are just perfect for the aforementioned season, aren’t they? These have white fabric uppers, so are probably best kept for dry days, and clean walking surfaces, but the pretty floral pattern is just adorable, and very in keeping with the current fashion climate, and all of those swirly-skirted dresses that keep catching my eye.

These are also very reasonably priced, at £32.99. Click here to buy them.


  • Have you seen the Primark version of these? They are €21 so probably about £17 and are actually uber comfy to boot. The floral still gives me Laura Ashly Slone Ranger flash backs though

      • I remember waiting for H&M to open here… took years but did happen eventually. Primark is so good for a quick fashion fix for half nothing – great when you are broke but desperate to buy something. As they are an Irish store they are all over the place here but they are Penneys rather than Primark.

        • Yeah, for some reason they never really made it to the East coast here, only the west – it’s been a source of annoyance to Edinburgh dwellers for years now! My problem with Primark is that when I do get to one of the ones in Glasgow, everything is so cheap that I always end up spending a small fortune – it’s so easy to think, “Ooh, that’s only £4, it would be silly not to grab it while I’m here!” and then end up with an overflowing basket!

          • That’s my problem too! Eventually, I’m going to have to learn that buying something I don’t need doesn’t save me any money. Even if it WAS seventy percent off. Like the pretty, pretty gold and black brocade free people pumps I bought last week. They were only 21 dollars!

  • I do love this pattern, I got a black Anna Sui wallet in it when I was in China. I assume you know that when I say Anna Sui I mean “Anna Sui”, but anyway.

    I love the pattern but feel it will date very easily as it is all over everything at the moment, so am trying to restrict myself to accessories such as the wallet. Oh and the dress I bought. And maybe those heels.

  • Oh, I saw them some weeks ago on 2 sites, and since then I couldn’t stop thinking of them! I want(ed) in both colors, white and the black version as well, but then I was waiting to buy them when in the UK again – because of shipping costs… it was planned for the next week, now I don’t know if I’ll go anymore… 🙁 But I still waaaaaaant them! Beautiful!

  • yes! A UK shopping site that delivers to the US. I love it when you help me find more online places to shop 😀 It’s always sad when you post a link to a beautiful shoe and I discover that the shoe is no where in the US (cyberworld) and the store doesn’t deliver internationally. Oh, and these shoes are gorgeous, I am thinking thinking thinking….wanting wanting wanting.

    • I know how you feel – I’m exactly the same when I fnd shoes in the US! Sadly, even when they do ship internationally, the shipping costs and import duties (oh, those import duties! They can be almost as much as the shoes themselves!) mostly make it impossible. If only there could be some kind of huge shoe warehouse in the sky that would ship to everyone for the same price!

  • Hey! I know its a little bit late haha but I really like those high heels! Do you know another site that have them because that site doesnt have them anymore 🙁 Thank you! 😀

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