Camilla Skovgaard 120mm patent wooden stiletto pumps

I know Camillia Skovgaard’s trademark jagged soles haven’t really found much favour on this site in the past, but… I think I’m coming round to them. I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of “adjustment of the eye”, with repeated exposure to this style making it look less outlandish to me, or whether these simple black pumps really do benefit from the addition of that striking sole, but I think I might like them, as something to give just a little bit of edge to a pair of black skinnies, say, or a tailored dress.

What do you think?

(These are £329 – click here to buy them.)


  • I have the same feeling like you – once I even wrote they looked like a tractor, now I think I’m adapting to them… still, too expensive to something I’m still “adapting”…

  • I think they’re fabulous! As long as they’re teamed with an equally “edgy” outfit and nothing too floaty or frilly. Real statement shoes, with extra grip!

  • omg- I’m kinda loving that! Totally work appropriate- yet still has an edge and some flare. Its official- I need a sugar daddy so that I can own things like these shoes! lol!

  • I’m still not quite feeling them. I love the general shape of the shoe (sole excluded). Such a beautiful classic shoe. Moreover, I wonder how easy they are to walk in. Wouldn’t the jagged edges have more ‘bounce’ to them than the heel itself? I feel like they would be very wobbly.

  • Even though I like the Nicholas Kirkwood platform, and to a degree the Charlotte Olympia platform, I can’t like the Camilla Skovgaard one. Something about it is nightmarish. It reminds me of a Tim Burton movie.

  • Platforms are a wonderful invention. The reinforced sole allows heels to soar without sacrificing comfort levels. The problem is taking the clunk factor out of the platform itself.

    Nicholas Kirkwoods soles work because they take inspiration from traditional shoe forms (ie chopines)

    I rather like these but I still prefer the Gianmarco Lorenzi horizontal jelly sandwich split sole option. That said, I am a bit of a GML tragic though.

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