Shoe Kryptonite: Rupert Sanderson 140MM patent tri-colored open toe pumps

Oh my.

Oh my.

Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me: these shoes seem to have rendered me momentarily speechless. That’s what Shoe Kryptonite does, unfortunately. Here’s another image while you’re waiting for me to regain my senses:

See the way the red part of the platform slopes up? So simple, but so stunning. And the grey inserts add an interesting touch, too. Want one more?

If I wanted to be super-picky, I’d have maybe suggested having just one colour on the heel, because the flash of grey looks a little bit like someone just forgot to paint it red. I don’t want to be picky about shoes like these, though, so I’ll just tell you to click here if you want to buy them. Then I’ll sit on my hands so I can’t buy them. It’s a tough life for a shoe superhero, you know…


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