Shoe of the Day | Ted Baker floral print court shoes

Ted Baker floral print court shoes

Ted Baker floral print court shoes, £130

When it comes to floral print shoes, there are few brands who do it better than Ted Baker. They released quite a few shoes in this kind of style last summer, and I’m happy to see them revive the style this year, because I don’t thing florals-for-spring will EVER stop being a thing, will they?

These shoes actually come in quite a few different uppers, but this print is by far my favourite – I really like that green and white are the dominant colours here, as they’re two shades I never tire of wearing, and this particular print is very delicate and lovely. if you happen to agree, you might also like this dress, which is pretty similar:

Ted Baker floral print dress

Now, normally I wouldn’t advocate wearing floral print shoes AND a floral print dress. That would just be overkill, right? Well, not necessarily:

Ted Baker floral print dress and shoes

I actually want to live inside this photo: it’s just awesome, isn’t it? Would a matching coat be too much, I wonder? And maybe a matching bag?

matchy matchy floral outfit

Um, possibly, yes. And I’ve just noticed that even the tea set in the background matches. And the wallpaper. And… I’m starting to get a little freaked out now. This takes the “matchy-matchy” look to a whole new level – I LOVE it for a photo shoot, but I’m not sure it would in real life. (Unless, of course, you happen to look like these girls…)

Just to get us away from the florals for a moment, here’s a little 60s-inspired tunic dress:

60s inspired dress

The Ted Baker website describes this as “the perfect office-to-evening dress”. Honestly, I can’t imagine there are too many offices where this would be considered appropriate (It wouldn’t have been appropriate at any of the ones I’ve worked in, unfortunately, although it would’ve made work a lot more interested if it had been!), but it’s definitely something a bit different for eveningwear, I’ll give them that!


  • Those are AWESOME! I wrote about the Adecyn pumps last week which I also love, but being pale and satin wasn’t sure about – I bought the blue & white Luceey shoes last year but hardly ever wear them for fear of them starting to look a bit grubby. But these are perfect! Wipe clean, woohoo!

  • I also like the color scheme, as presented, and the patent leather finish of these floral print Ted Baker court shoes. I could wear them any where and not have to worry about loosing their lustered appearance due to soiling. However, the shape and positioning of the stiletto makes me cringe, because it looks as though the shoes do not offer the proper support for the wearer’s feet. It scares me as I have visions of the instep arches completely failing and resulting in broken feet.

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