Shoe of the Day: Dorothy Perkins Blue Lace Up ‘Ghillir’ Court Shoes

Dorothy Perkins Blue Lace Up Ghillir Court Shoes

Dorothy Perkins Blue Lace Up Ghillir Court Shoes, £38

It’s been a while since I last bought something from Dorothy Perkins, but I took advantage of last week’s 30% off sale to stock up on some basics (Just trousers and a scarf: nothing too exciting, unfortunately!), and had a quick look at the rest of the site while I was there. I’d love to have had a reason to justify these sweet glitter sandals, which are in a shade of baby blue we don’t see very often in this kind of upper. When glitter is used on shoes, most brands will tend to stick to silver, gold, black or even red, so this makes a nice change, although these do come in gold, too, if you’d rather stick to a metallic shade.

As well as the colour, I also like the tie-front design of these: I’d personally replace the shoe lace with a ribbon of some description, which I think would be more in keeping with the dressy feel of these, but they’re a nice shape, and while they probably won’t be the longest-lasting shoes you’ll ever wear, they look pretty good for the price.

Here are some other pieces that caught my eye:

polka dot dress

Billie and Blossom spot print dress, £28

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ polka dot dress! I like the fact that this one has a fairly casual feel to it, making it suitable for everyday wear. It’s also the kind of dress that will work on a cold day with cardigan, tights and boots, and with bare legs and sandals on a warmer one.

pink mini satchel

Pink mini satchel, £18

This pink mini satchel won’t huge a huge amount of stuff, but it IS very cute for days when you’re travelling light. It also comes in baby blue and tan.

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