Kurt Geiger ‘Lucy’ double strap Mary Janes

Kurt Geiger 'Lucy' double strap Mary Janes

Kurt Geiger ‘Lucy’ double strap Mary Janes, £230

I’m not sure if it’s just the angle of the photo, or whether these shoes really do have an absurdly long toe box. Either way, that’s what’s stopped me showing you these long before now: I may have fully embraced pointed toes again, but I’m just not ready for long pointed toes, and honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be ready for that.

Assuming that it’s just a trick of the camera, though, these have a lot to recommend them. I’d normally shy away from the idea of combining coral and pink, but there’s actually something really refreshing about it, and I like the idea of wearing lighter, brighter colours for autumn, as opposed to just going straight to the dark blacks and browns, mixed with the occasional jewel tone. (These are also available in plain black, for those of you who disagree…)

I’m also keen on the buttons which fasten the Mary Jane straps: always guaranteed to make a shoe look instantly “dapper”!

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