Shoe of the Day | Kate Spade ‘Celeste’ stripe slingback heels

Kate Spade 'Celeste' stripe slingback heels

Kate Spade ‘Celeste’ stripe slingback heels, $328

Here’s an old(ish) shoe with a new print, to freshen it up for spring. The basic shape of these shoes is the same as the “Charm” slingbacks which Kate Spade has been selling for a while now (I have the gold glitter version, and wear them more often than you might expect considering they’re very much a “party” shoe…), but the upper in these has a fabulous black and white stripe. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it gives them a totally different look, but I do think it’ll help make them slightly more wearable than the glitter-covered versions are, and that, in turn, might make the price a bit easier to justify! (Or not, as the case may be…)

I love stripes on shoes (and on dresses, skirts and pretty much anything else you can imagine), and I also love this particular style of double-layered bows, so these are a slam-dunk for me, and I cn imagine wearing them with trousers or pencil skirts, as well as with the “dressier” items they instantly bring to mind.

Also from Kate Spade…

Kate Spade 'Ideal' bow sandals

These ‘Ideal’ bow sandals have a rather “bridal” feel to them (and, indeed, also come in ivory, perfect for a bride!), but are such a pretty colour I’d be tempted to put them to use anyway: they’ll work well for any special event.

Also for the bride who loves bows are these ‘Imari’ sandals:

Kate Spade Imari wedge sandals

I adore the shape of the bow on these, and think the wedge heel and ankle strap should make them fairly comfortable, which is good news if you’re standing around all day at a wedding!

Finally, this stripe onepiece swimsuit is another great combination of stripes and bows:

stripe swimsuit

I got one of these for my holiday later this year – can’t wait to wear it!

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