Mellow Yellow ‘Lounis’ gingham wedges

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Mellow Yellow ‘Lounis’, £61.60

I’m normally drawn to gingham shoes (Or gingham ANYTHING, if I’m completely honest) the way a magpie is drawn to anything shiny, but I somehow managed to miss these cute little gingham wedges when they first appeared on the Sarenza website. This is a bad thing, in that I’ve missed out on them for however long they’ve been there, but I guess it’s a good thing, too, because I discovered them just as they were reduced in price in the Sarenza sale, going down to £61 from the original £88.

Gingham is such a classic summer print that I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how fabulous these would be for this time of year, working with shorts, jeans or dresses as required. While the red version is more classic, however, I really love the fact that these also come in turquoise: it’s a little more unusual, but it still looks wonderful in this print, and will work easily with a variety of other colours.

The low heels and fabric uppers should make these cool on the feet and comfortable to wear, but as they’re on sale there are only a few pairs left in some sizes, so you might want to hurry if you want to grab a pair.

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  • I love these! I also want matching dresses 🙂 (not to be worn together). These are so perfectly summery, so perfectly ‘country’ – makes me want to go to the dacha right away!

  • Like you, gingham is my kryptonite (well, one of them, polka dots and mustard yellow are also fairly lethal) and generally, red gingham is my favorite. But I find myself preferring the light blue. Maybe it’s because I already own a pair of red gingham wedges (as well as a pair of red gingham peep toes with a big ole red bow for good measure).

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