Green suede platform shoes by Faith

green platform shoes

green suede heel

Faith pumps, £37.50

Whatever happened to emerald as the “colour of the year”? Back in December, it was being touted as the big colour trend of 2013, but while I have seen a few emerald pieces here and there, it hasn’t dominated the fashion world to nearly the extent I was hoping it would. (I was hoping for the opportunity to stock up on one of my very favourite colours!)

Still, emerald may not be exactly EVERYWHERE, but it IS on the suede-effect uppers of these Faith platforms, and that’s something to be grateful for, at least. Large platforms are no longer something I look for in a shoe, but although the look isn’t nearly as common as it was a couple of years ago, there are still plenty of platforms to be found, and I think the shape works well on these. The heel has a lot to do with that: the chunky, triangular shape really needs a platform to balance it out, and the overall effect is very bold and dramatic. I suspect it’ll be TOO bold for some tastes, but if you still love your platforms, you’ll no doubt be pleased to know that these ones are currently on sale, and down to just £37.50 from the original £50.

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