Holly Willoughby ‘Ike’ Bow Court Shoes

As you may have gathered from my recent posts about them, I’ve been spending a bit of time browsing the Very.co.uk website this month, and wondering why it is that I always seem to forget about it when I’m looking for interesting shoes or clothes to blog about? The shoes shown above aren’t the most interesting pair in the world – even I sometimes think a shoe can have too many bows for its own good – but they are only £24 in the sale, so I thought I’d show you them anyway (even although you may well resent me for it when you discover that there aren’t a lot of sizes left: sorry.)

These are from Very’s Holly Willoughby range, and you can click here to buy them. Also from the Holly Willoughby range, and completely unrelated to the world of shoes, is this dress:

Holly Willoughby bow dress

I know a lot of people hate grey, but l’m not one of them! This is £39 here.


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