River Island peep toe mules with bow

At a time when the phrase “peep toe with bow” tends to mean almost exactly the same thing every time, I have to give River Island some credit for turning it into something different in this case.

They’ve achieved this, first of all by deciding to make the shoe a mule: a brave decision, since this style is one of the harder ones to wear, with nothing to hold the foot in place. Secondly, they’ve made it a rather unusually shaped mule, with that high, curved side. Finally, just to top it all off, they’ve made it available in two colourways, both of which are a little more interesting than standard black or gold.

What do you think of the results, though? I’m veering wildly between love and hate: which is it for you?

(Click here to buy them)


  • Seems like a variation on those open toe and open back booties. The colour/print combination makes them noteworthy.

  • I like the black and leopard ones because they’re different from anything I have. The gold ones are just a bit too much.
    But I’d also have to see them on, kind of difficult to imagine what they’ll look like on my legs.

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