Shoeperwoman to the rescue! Find me great mid-height heels

United Nude 'Mobius'
United Nude 'Mobius'


It’s Shoeperwoman to the rescue once more, folks, this time with a question from Karina, whose blog, Anywhere But Here, is a must-read for anyone interested in fashion!

Karina writes:

My feet won’t let me physically wear heels over 3 inches, and under 3 is preferred. I can wear wedges though so as long as the slope isn’t over 3 inches (for example a five inch heel with a two inch platform is something I can wear). However, I can never find any really pretty, amazing, cool, unique or sexy shoes at the mid-heel height. Everything I lust over ends up being over 3 inches and never to be mine. Do you have any finds or suggestions for a sexy and interesting mid-heel shoe (it can be a wedge, espadrille, pump, sandal, mary-jane – and I like strappy shoes most of all).
Read on for my answer…
This is a particularly good question, I think, because I’m sure it’s a problem lots of women have, and I totally know what Karina means: for some reason, a lot of shoe manufacturers seem to think that if we want a mid-height heel, we must want the shoe attached to be a little bit staid and boring and, er, no.
Unusual mid-height heels are out there, though – they’re just well-hidden. United Nude’s ‘Mobius’ sandals, for instance, are mid-height, available for international shipping, come in a range of colours, and are definitely unique – they’re £110 direct from the retailer, although I’m not sure how easy they’d be to walk in, given the backless design.
Finding such shoes is not easy, then, and so I must admit, and finding ones available for shipping to Canada is even trickier. (Why are Canadians missing out on shoes? I think we should start a petition of some sort…) So I cheated a little bit with this one, and asked for the help of my followers on Twitter. Stepping up to the challenge first was Emma, who suggested these burgundy suede shoes from Office, who ship everywhere except South Africa. (Sorry, South Africa.)
These have a lovely vintage feel to them and they come in blue and black, too. Emma also suggested these Offcie sandals, which, as well as having a reasonably low heel, also have a wedge, to make them even easier to walk on:
Some more suggestions….
‘Sugar’ high bow court shoes by Schuh – unusual, although not to everyone’s taste, obviously. International delivery is available for £10.
Nine West’s ‘Nick’ – $78.95 at Zappos, who are great for this kind of mission because you can search by heel height.
Now here’s the bit where I turn this question over to the readers and see if they can come up with something better! Over to you then, readers: suggest us a shoe that’s low in heel but high in style, and is available for shipping to Canada!


  • Oooh these are some great pics – thanks so much! I actually like all of them, I think the first ones might be doable despite being backless because of the width and low heel…I really like those office wedges too (been looking for cage shoes that don’t cost a bundle or aren’t 5+ inches).

    The Schuh ones are actually adorable (I think) would definitely wear them! And the Nine West are gorgeous AND sexy…hmmmm. me thinks I need to visit my local Nine West store this weekend and see if they might have them!

    Thanks again for these – looking forward to what your readers come up with. It’s lovely to see mid-heel shoes that aren’t too matronly!

  • Agree with Mona – I have 3 pairs of Aerosoles and love them. Some of their styles can be a bit mumsy/frumpy but definitely not all. Other ideas: Chie Mihara – expensive but original and comfortable and they have some great mid-heel styles; and Clarks shoes. Both are available from PiperLime and probably other online stores in Canada too. Good luck!

    • Hi Liz, you are right, it seems Aerosoles offers get frumpier each year, but there are always some pretty shoes if you keep looking.

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