Steve Madden suede ‘Trickked’ pumps with rose embellished strap

steve-madden-Trickked-pumpsEvery time I see a pair of Steve Madden shoes, I find myself wondering which designer is being copied THIS time. In the case of these ‘Trickked’ pumps I have no idea where the inspiration came from, and it may well be Madden’s own, in which case I think he deserves a pat on the back, because this is a really nice shoe for Fall. They remind me a little of the ‘Fiesstaa’ sandals (Steve really likes random letters, doesn’t he?) I lusted over during the summer (and am still lusting over, actually. Anyone want to buy me a pair.) but with a closed toe and a row of flowers on the t-strap, rather than ruffles.

I love them, and think that, although dressy, they’re a shoe you could probably wear just about anywhere. They come in red, grey and black, and are £129.95 from the Steve Madden website.


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