Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin Decorapump 160mm

Christian Louboutin Decorapump

Christian Louboutin Decorapump 160mm, £2575

These shoes are called Decorapump, but lurking underneath the strass upper, I’m sure Louboutin lovers will instantly recognise the distinctive shape of Daffodile. Which has basically been bedazzled with black Swarovski crystals. This, of course, accounts for the price, which is high even by designer standards: any time you see the words “strass” or “Swarovski” in the same sentence as “Louboutin”, you know the price is going to be in the “you really don’t want to know” territory.

I had thought the Daffodile platform, with it’s 160mm heel and giant of a platform, would be a one-season wonder for Louboutin, but the style has continued on for a while now, with the addition of various different uppers. These shoes tend to have a bit of a “Marmite” effect, with people either loving or hating them. I started off finding them rather comical, but have since swung round to “love” – so much so that I’ve even been tempted by one of the many high street versions of this style which are around now. I’ve held off, because I keep thinking the silhouette will date quickly: that hasn’t been the case so far, though, so if Decorapump has won your heart, you can buy them from the Christian Louboutin website.

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  • Love. A million times love. Even though I would never ever EVER spend that kind of money on one pair of shoes, I love them.

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