New shoes! Bright pink t-bars from Dorothy Perkins

£10 in the Dorothy Perkins’ sale. Well, I could hardly have left them there, could I?

These shoes are actually a UK size 5, and I normally wear a 4, but one thing years of shoe-hunting has taught me is that when you spot a shoe you love on the sale rack, you grab it first, and you ask questions later. That’s exactly what I did with these, and when it came time to ask questions (the question, of course, being “will they fit me?”), I was pleased to find that the answer was a resounding “yes!”. These actually fit me perfectly, which is rather strange, especially when you consider that the final pair of new shoes I have to show you this week (more on those tomorrow) are also from Dorothy Perkins, but are a size 4.

Anyway, the shoe fit, Cinderella DID go to the ball, and all was well with the world. Well, sort of: I was having a bit of a depressing day on Saturday and I’m not going to say these shoes made everything seem that little bit better, but… actually, no I AM going to say that. Whaddya know, new shoes really DO cure the blues. Especially when they’re bright pink.


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