Shoeper Shoe Challenge #4: Brown vintage-look boots from New Look

What: Brown vintage-look boots from New Look
When: Tuesday, February 9th
Where: Nowhere in particular
With: Zara leggings, Dorothy Perkins tunic, green necklace from somewhere I totally can’t remember.

Comfort clothes for a miserable grey February day, mostly spent working!

These boots came from New Look, about two years ago now, and I liked them so much I bought them in black, too. I love the casual, vintage look of them, and they’re also one of the most comfortable pairs of footwear I own: anytime I’m planning on doing a bit of walking, these boots (or the black versions) are the ones I’ll reach for. Or, knowing me, I’ll reach for ONE of these boots, and one from a totally different pair

How’s everyone else getting on with their shoe challenge?


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