River Island stirrup mid boots


Well, would you lookit that: I managed to stay away from the River Island website for… ooh, a few days at least . This was really good for my bank balance, as it turns out, because while I was resolutely NOT LOOKING, a whole bunch of stuff I’d had my eye on sold out in my size. Awesome.

But anyway, these boots. I like these boots for two reasons:

Reason the first: while they have that kind of tough cowboy/biker look about them (a cowboy biker? Really?), the overall shape still manages to be fairly elegant. They’re the kind of boots that’ll look fabulous once they’ve been worn in a bit, and are starting to look even more slouchy, and they will also look great over skinny jeans or leggings, so I can imagine getting a lot of wear out of them. (That was really a few reasons, wasn’t it?)

Reason the second: they have a mid-height heel. And while mid-height isn’t my favourite height on shoes, I love it on boots in general, and on these in particular it helps make them look even more comfy and casual.

These are £84.99. Get them at River Island.


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