Rupert Sanderson red ‘Jean’ court shoes with black bow

I think the re-emergence of the pointed toe has finally started to reach that point for me where it no longer looks odd, or dated – it just looks like one more option for beautiful shoes.

Case in point: when I found these Rupert Sanderson shoes on the Spartoo website, it took a few seconds for the toe shape to even register with me. Instead, I noticed the beautiful, deep red uppers (I’ve said before that red can be a difficult colour to get right, and red patent is even trickier, as all too often it can be so bright it ends up looking cheap: these shoes, though, are a great example of red done right), the gorgeously curved sides, and, of course, that little black bow on each toe.

This is a shape we’ve been seeing rather a lot of recently: I always refer to it as a “ladylike” look, because shoes like these seem to be just crying out to be worn with a pillbox hat, a pair of kid gloves and a neat little pencil suit. Luckily, however, you don’t have to take a trip back in time to be able to wear these, and they’ll work well with more modern ensembles, too!

They’re down to £350 at Spartoo: click here to buy them.


  • I went to Oxford Street yesterday and saw such an amount of pointed toed-shoes… I agree with you, now they don’t look so weird anymore, but still… I can’t say I won’t surrender to the “wave”, but up to now… mmhh, no. These shoes now are red – very good – the bows are lovely, but the shape is not my favorite…

    • I agree, even if I have a few (3?) pairs of pointed toe shoes in my collection, I still prefer a round toe, and I think these would look so much nicer (the uppers, the bow) as a round toe court.

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